Monday, April 12, 2010

Turning 21, Turning 18, and Being a kid forever: Age is but a number ;D

Dear Readers,

This past weekend I celebrated a friends 21st. Well, it was one of those parties where you expect something totally different. People assume that at these parties, people get drunk off their asses and don't do anything at all. But, most of this was different. I decided to keep sober because, i really didn't want to forget half of what happened. And plus i had to drive home...anyways, i notice most of these people act like complete kids. Most of my friends are like 'maturity' we have to be mature. In this case, i want to say just because your 'old enough' dosen't mean your old. Act like a kid because after you hit 21 it gets worse form their.

And going with the age theme, i can't obviously wait till i turn 18. its one of those numbers where its so speical. you get freedom, you can buy ciggaretes and sex toys, and finally get into nightclubs. I guess you all know what im going for my 18th birthday. I hope you all join.

Just be a kid forever you know. I mean it would be fun, but i'd never be able to do the fun things i get to do now. Let us all have some of a child in us because its what makes us fun. I mean just because were all seniors in high school dosen't mean that we have to not act our age. Anyways, some advice some of you people i know are downers...just go ahead and go along with my perverted jokes because....20 year olds joke around with me like this too

Tip of the Day: Going to ihop at midnight can give you an awesome eye candy ;D

xoxoxo Leslie

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