Thursday, April 15, 2010

My personal eye make-up guide! Getting that pop!

Dear Readers,
Well, have you ever wondered what eyeshadow someone may use...and it looks just GREAT! Well people always ask me so im going to ...'open' up about it. This is a simple guide to simply getting the best eye make-up you've ever gotten...i hope you enjoy. All the links to the eyshadows and products are next to the prices :D

Sephora Collection Eye Primer- $8.00

Now before you add anything to your eyes, you need to prep your eye for the make-up thats going to get applied. I recommend the sephora collection eye primer. its only 8 dollars at any local sephora. Eye primers keep your eyes from creasing, provides concealer for those veins in your eyes, keeps the eyeshadow from fading and makes your eye make-up look more vibrant than ever. When applying..apply with a brush...thats the only way you will be able to apply it correctly.
Color Surge Eye Shadow- $17.50
Now basically this eye shadow is a life saver!!!! Its very smooth and creamy and the color is so vibrant. The duo eye shadow only costing 17.50 dollars,is so worth paying for it. You won't need to apply your eye shadow twice with this product. I also recommend getting a clinique brush because they actually keep eyshadow on the brush. Not all over the place.

Eye Shadow Brush
Clinique Eyehadow brush- $18.50
Now you may say, 18 dollars for a brush is way out of hand but, it actually keeps the eye shadow on the brush. with one swift movement of this brush, it will be able to achieve your desired look for your eyes.

Nano Eyeliner
Sephora Collection Nano Kohl Eyeliner: $5

A little eyeliner can have so much power! This Kohl eyeliner is the perfect touch to give you that cat eye or Smokey look. For $5 dollars your giving yourself, a window to a new revolution of eyeliners. The go on like pencil but last like liquid eyeliners.

NEW High Lengths Mascara
High Lengths Mascara: $14.00

So this is a new mascara that clinique has invented. Its amazing! its easy to apply and takes your eye lashes to different lengths. Its not clumpy and the unique mascara brush doesn't pull our eye lashes out.

So i hope you've enjoyed my little 'guide' hopefully next week i can give you more products on skin care and being able to successfully get rid of that weird skin around your nose and that skin thats peeling somewhere! thanks for reading and following

xoxoxoxo leslie

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