Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Facebook: the cyber way to end friendships! :-)

Dear readers...

Yesterday i ran across something very interesting...a childhood friend deleted me from facebook yesterday and is shunning me for eternity. You would she must be said but i'm actually awed because this person who clearly says she practices "maturity" does it cyberly not face to face. It made me laugh and then i started thinking about it and said who is the bigger woman here? Me or Her?! of course im going to say me but thats not the point. Friendships should be ended face to face...when you delete someone on facebook that just shows fear and it looks really bads towards the person who deleted...Just next time think even more clearly before you press delete friend XD

Tip of the Day: When its gone on facebook its gone forever and sometimes it may just be cyber freedom :-)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

School drama, ork drama, and well life : 10-10-09

Dear well.... lets call you Pedro

Dear Pedro,
My life is over with....There is so much drama this days i don't know how people can stand it. First, well their is school drama that i really don't want to get involved in and somehow...I'm dragged into the middle of it. I like to be Switerzland. The one who dosen't have to choose sides. Not germany or america or cuba...Just Switerzland. Next well work drama. I won't talk about that. Lets just say...he really didn't ruin it for me...just for the other workers too :). Finally well life. Being a senior is hard but i hate the fact that people pressure you to grow up. For your information just because im going to college and about to graduate dosen't mean i still can't be a teenager... Teens are the ages 13-18 or maybe until 20 so just deal with it. Just because your a senior too and you have life problems dosen't mean the rest of us have to also be like you.

Advice of the Day...Don't take facebook, and twitter statuses to personal because in the end you either put out there your own life problems or may find out its not even about you


Leslie Machado