Thursday, April 15, 2010

My personal eye make-up guide! Getting that pop!

Dear Readers,
Well, have you ever wondered what eyeshadow someone may use...and it looks just GREAT! Well people always ask me so im going to ...'open' up about it. This is a simple guide to simply getting the best eye make-up you've ever gotten...i hope you enjoy. All the links to the eyshadows and products are next to the prices :D

Sephora Collection Eye Primer- $8.00

Now before you add anything to your eyes, you need to prep your eye for the make-up thats going to get applied. I recommend the sephora collection eye primer. its only 8 dollars at any local sephora. Eye primers keep your eyes from creasing, provides concealer for those veins in your eyes, keeps the eyeshadow from fading and makes your eye make-up look more vibrant than ever. When applying..apply with a brush...thats the only way you will be able to apply it correctly.
Color Surge Eye Shadow- $17.50
Now basically this eye shadow is a life saver!!!! Its very smooth and creamy and the color is so vibrant. The duo eye shadow only costing 17.50 dollars,is so worth paying for it. You won't need to apply your eye shadow twice with this product. I also recommend getting a clinique brush because they actually keep eyshadow on the brush. Not all over the place.

Eye Shadow Brush
Clinique Eyehadow brush- $18.50
Now you may say, 18 dollars for a brush is way out of hand but, it actually keeps the eye shadow on the brush. with one swift movement of this brush, it will be able to achieve your desired look for your eyes.

Nano Eyeliner
Sephora Collection Nano Kohl Eyeliner: $5

A little eyeliner can have so much power! This Kohl eyeliner is the perfect touch to give you that cat eye or Smokey look. For $5 dollars your giving yourself, a window to a new revolution of eyeliners. The go on like pencil but last like liquid eyeliners.

NEW High Lengths Mascara
High Lengths Mascara: $14.00

So this is a new mascara that clinique has invented. Its amazing! its easy to apply and takes your eye lashes to different lengths. Its not clumpy and the unique mascara brush doesn't pull our eye lashes out.

So i hope you've enjoyed my little 'guide' hopefully next week i can give you more products on skin care and being able to successfully get rid of that weird skin around your nose and that skin thats peeling somewhere! thanks for reading and following

xoxoxoxo leslie

Monday, April 12, 2010

Turning 21, Turning 18, and Being a kid forever: Age is but a number ;D

Dear Readers,

This past weekend I celebrated a friends 21st. Well, it was one of those parties where you expect something totally different. People assume that at these parties, people get drunk off their asses and don't do anything at all. But, most of this was different. I decided to keep sober because, i really didn't want to forget half of what happened. And plus i had to drive home...anyways, i notice most of these people act like complete kids. Most of my friends are like 'maturity' we have to be mature. In this case, i want to say just because your 'old enough' dosen't mean your old. Act like a kid because after you hit 21 it gets worse form their.

And going with the age theme, i can't obviously wait till i turn 18. its one of those numbers where its so speical. you get freedom, you can buy ciggaretes and sex toys, and finally get into nightclubs. I guess you all know what im going for my 18th birthday. I hope you all join.

Just be a kid forever you know. I mean it would be fun, but i'd never be able to do the fun things i get to do now. Let us all have some of a child in us because its what makes us fun. I mean just because were all seniors in high school dosen't mean that we have to not act our age. Anyways, some advice some of you people i know are downers...just go ahead and go along with my perverted jokes because....20 year olds joke around with me like this too

Tip of the Day: Going to ihop at midnight can give you an awesome eye candy ;D

xoxoxo Leslie

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

School, boys with no balls, and attitude; Honey....your not friendly!

Dear Readers,
Well spring beak is over and we all have gone back to that dreaded brick made building made out of hell we call High School. But luckily for us seniors we get out in less than 2 months....God! i cannot wait lol. School is one of those things we just want to get rid of but...we all have fun along the way of getting through it!

Okay I've been confronted with many girls and their boy problems...Okay boys...first of all i you wanna get the gal...right now i want you to reach down your pants and still see if you have your balls...because your going to need lots of them! Getting a girl isn't through form spring, Facebook or god forbid text messaging. Yeah your pride may get hurt along the way, but if it didn't then how would we all ever learn! some advice if you can't get past the technology, then boy there is no future for you.

Finally, attitude... i learned something from my very scary marketing teacher. Having a positive attitude is just a key in life. For example, if i were in like a negative attitude all day...i wouldn't be me. I'm a bubbly person, i love to laugh, to joke around and to play around, but some people think their to old for that. Making a point here, nobody is going to want to hang around you if your in this funk all the time... come on girls, leave the guy who's making you feel like shit, confront the person who;s making you feel like poop ( :D ), confront the friend who just angers you because they will be the weight that you always carry and once you lose it you will be positive all the time.

Tip of the Day: Friends push each other, even though it gets will say thank you in the end :)

xoxoxoxox Leslie

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Graduation, Dreams, and Edward Cullen: Holding on until June 22nd, 2010 :)

Dear Readers,
You can officially say i will almost be a high school graduate in less than three months! Graduation is so near that i can almost taste it. I want to thank my friends and family for keeping me aware of myself throughout these past 4 years! THANKS GUYS!

Dreams are so many things and varied that people can have...mine are vivid and one day i strive to cross each and every single dream off my eventually dreams turn into goals and then into reality...let me just share a few of them...
-Visit Paris, France
- Visit England and find myself a dashing young englishman :)
- Visit Africa and help women with aids
- Get Married in a big catholic church

yes i know they may not all be real buy hey a girl can dream right :)

Edward cullen...meow lol i wish robert pattinson would look like that all the time...lets just say my room is twi-emporium XD

Tip of the Day; Your best friend is the girl who you can call a hoe, whore and slut, and won't get mad or judge you for it :D

xoxoxo leslie M.