Sunday, March 28, 2010

drama, bitches, and alcohol; the words that make up life!

Dear Readers,
These few days have been full of non stop drama.I am one of those lucky people, who's Switzerland! im not on any sides so yea. My word of advice help out but don't take sides because you involve yourself in it enough said!

Now this is my main thing about 'bitches', all girls are BITCHES! like seriously even i'm a bitch! we all got a little bitch inside us...even if it hasn't come out yet! even the nice shy girls are bitches, but we never see it. Society has taught us many ways to hide it well. so kudos to those girls who can hide it!

Finally, alcohol is a touchy subject for all of us. Now i know there may be people who hate alcohol because of what it does to people around you but, you must accept the fact that they like it. They aren't going to change for you just because you don't like it. Me i know plenty of people who hate the fact that i smoke...but i do it socially. I only do it with other people never by myself...i've done it for a while and my body doesn't crave it . so no im not getting addicted at all lol

Tip of the Day: Suck a dick and keep your mouth shut, because even if someone pinky promises, people love to run their mouths.

xoxoxo leslie

Monday, March 8, 2010

Boys, Prom, and Kassem G; yes he's that amazing :D

Dear Readers...

Yes, Yes i know i have dissapeared in these couple past months, but its been because of college applications, my job :D and well life. Lets just say that i finally remembered that i forgot to write to you all :D.

Well during work i noticed that many girls of races love white boys. Now i don't want to be racist but am i one one of those races? Well lets just say i may be but my standards are very high. As my friend said, "you are going to end up lonely because your standards are so high" IT'S not my FAULT that i want to walk down a church asile but hey, who dosen't. I guess i shouldn't matter about standards or race just as long as your happy :D in My case i need to grind this in to my large coconut head :D

Prom is well months and months away and many of my girlfriends already have dresses planned to be worn or dresses that they already bought.In my dateless, dressless, and friendless. Prom is only fun if you go with a big group of friends. Once again in my big group of friends, no dress and no date.. But this isn't going to stop just gonna go and see what happens :D Hey i even may get lucky!

Finally, i just want to mention the huge and amazing youtube star Kassem G. I mean he may of been around for a long time...But his work is AMAZING! He was in Lisanova's Hot Girlz and played a cross eyed girl and does his web videos named "California On.." yea... my personal favorite was California on twilight... That blonde girl just really made the the ice cream sundae better... (no i am not a homosexual)

Tip of the Day: When in doubt if necessary pay for a prom date if your parents are that coco bananas about pictures...because the best prom night is with your best friends :D

Lesson Learned: Don't be so narrow minded because in the future you may be the little old lady who lives with 1,000 cats :(