Tuesday, April 6, 2010

School, boys with no balls, and attitude; Honey....your not friendly!

Dear Readers,
Well spring beak is over and we all have gone back to that dreaded brick made building made out of hell we call High School. But luckily for us seniors we get out in less than 2 months....God! i cannot wait lol. School is one of those things we just want to get rid of but...we all have fun along the way of getting through it!

Okay I've been confronted with many girls and their boy problems...Okay boys...first of all i you wanna get the gal...right now i want you to reach down your pants and still see if you have your balls...because your going to need lots of them! Getting a girl isn't through form spring, Facebook or god forbid text messaging. Yeah your pride may get hurt along the way, but if it didn't then how would we all ever learn! some advice if you can't get past the technology, then boy there is no future for you.

Finally, attitude... i learned something from my very scary marketing teacher. Having a positive attitude is just a key in life. For example, if i were in like a negative attitude all day...i wouldn't be me. I'm a bubbly person, i love to laugh, to joke around and to play around, but some people think their to old for that. Making a point here, nobody is going to want to hang around you if your in this funk all the time... come on girls, leave the guy who's making you feel like shit, confront the person who;s making you feel like poop ( :D ), confront the friend who just angers you because they will be the weight that you always carry and once you lose it you will be positive all the time.

Tip of the Day: Friends push each other, even though it gets annoying...you will say thank you in the end :)

xoxoxoxox Leslie

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