Thursday, April 1, 2010

Graduation, Dreams, and Edward Cullen: Holding on until June 22nd, 2010 :)

Dear Readers,
You can officially say i will almost be a high school graduate in less than three months! Graduation is so near that i can almost taste it. I want to thank my friends and family for keeping me aware of myself throughout these past 4 years! THANKS GUYS!

Dreams are so many things and varied that people can have...mine are vivid and one day i strive to cross each and every single dream off my eventually dreams turn into goals and then into reality...let me just share a few of them...
-Visit Paris, France
- Visit England and find myself a dashing young englishman :)
- Visit Africa and help women with aids
- Get Married in a big catholic church

yes i know they may not all be real buy hey a girl can dream right :)

Edward cullen...meow lol i wish robert pattinson would look like that all the time...lets just say my room is twi-emporium XD

Tip of the Day; Your best friend is the girl who you can call a hoe, whore and slut, and won't get mad or judge you for it :D

xoxoxo leslie M.

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