Thursday, December 3, 2009

panties...panties EVERYWHERE : Let the new moon frenzy begin

Dear Readers,
New moon...ah so many things to say about this franchise that has been growing tremendously ever since last year of 2008. The new burger kind burgers, cups, tattoos, journals, sheets, blankets, duvets and so much more. but the thing that is surprising the movie has been rated less then 3 stars in so many local newspapers. When i went to go see was slow just like the books. I don't mean to be a downer but it felt like a waste of money. The only incredible parts was when either taylo lautner came on or when there was wolf action :D In other words, lets see how long this craze lets on guys!

Tip of the day: When in doubt carry your acrylic nail glue around :)

xoxo leslie machado

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rehersals, Yaquelin's Party and New Moon: The almost perfect weekend...

Dear Readers,
This past weekend I had alot of exciting things happening. First on friday, I had a final rehersal for my court of honor who i have been working with for the past 3 months...anyways,i noticied they were all very tense and nervous. What triggered the most nervousness was that the birthday girl started crying because of the basketball hopes and that they were going to be in the pictures, and when the chambelan de honor walked out! DAMNNNN!

The next day was the party and most of the kids were excited/nervous but i was such a nervous reck because people were going to critique my work and sometimes i have trouble doing that anyways. They all got in a limo and everything went smoothly and perfect up until they turned off the lights... two groups of people showed up and werent' supposed to...when i learned about this...fear was installed in me. I couldn't think or breath but just remember the saftey of my court kids and my family. I just gave the word to my mom and we picked up all our stuff and dipped. Let me tell you it was scary.

Finally, the thing i had been waiting new moon which was not a dissapoint but some points i felt very akward sitting in that movie theater due to the fact that many middle aged women were sitting there also :D To conclude this summary i gave it 3 1/2 stars...i was just blah but we'll see about this and see if it changes...

Tip of the day: If your gut tells you to get the hell out then get the hell out!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Quince Sex, New Moon and uncomfertable bras!!!

Dear Readers,
i know i haven't been writing as much as i would want to but i have been very busy with a quince i have been planning for 3 months. I just wanted to tell all those kids that im very proud of them :D

Secondly new moon finally came out today to theaters and im so excited for it. i guess im not the only one who was counting down the days to it.


tip of the day

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twilight wall, glory days, and dream matte concealer: Priceless honey! :)

Dear Readers,

I just finished constructing my twilight saga collage and i think it came out looking pretty sweet!!!! But, i don't want to let any of my friends see it cuz then they will really think im crazy with my wall. I think its not an obsession but a form of art. :) i didn't do it cuz i fucking love twilight but because i thought it would be a neat art project to do. I just need a few more pictures to make it touch down to the bottom of the wall and i will be set!!! :)

Later today i have to go to work and stay until midnight! can you believe that i mean i am use to it but the hour setting just is killer when your driving home from work. You may almost fall asleep at the whell and thats very dangerous. But yesterday the head worker there told me that the last person there has to do the least amount of work. So in other words im going to make the other host's do more work then me because i'm usually stuck doing most of the work when their working. So end of discussion!!!! :)))

And finally dream matte concealer. I bought it today and omg! its like one of the Best concealers i have used. Its nice and smooth and really does cover up those spots and it only costs about like 4-6 dollars so go out and buy them y'all.

Tip of the Day: If you feel weird doing it then maybe its just right for you! :D

xoxoxo Leslie Machado

Friday, November 6, 2009

Border hoppers, quince courts and NEW MOON: this is a story :)

Dear Readers,

Today I finally got the courage to stand up for myself of a racist bastard. He called my mother a border hoper and how she did dreadful things to get her papers. When he first said this...i just wanted to crawl into a hole and cry. This boy had no reason to call her this and plus, my mother did things i think he could never be able to do. I love the fact that my mom has more balls then many of the white men in my life do. Before, you call someone a border hopper make sure you know if there is an emotional attachment to this.

The quince is coming up real soon and im SO EXCITED for the party. Most of the people going are freaks and well lets just say not only will the girls be grinding. The last quince only most of the people dancing together were the kids in the court. We were all grinding on each other and not with random people. There was alcohol, drama, and kissing involved which made this party even better. But , i sometimes seem to think that i failed at this party then my most other ones. Why you say well i kinda stopped being the coordinator after the waltz.

Finally the world of New Moon. I went on today and saw all the outrageous products they were selling. First i saw a edward cullen duvet that was like 56.00 dollars. I was like omg! i have to buy that lol. but then i saw the saint braclet bella wears and i said to myself its for 10 dollars here but at a flea market its like 1.00 for like 3 or 4! anyways...i just amazes me how far people will go to get their favorite movie products. This posts will be part of my New Moon Marathon up until the day it comes out!

Tip of the Day: If the chambelan de honor makes out with one of the court girls then just maybe...they have had a little too much to drink. :-)

xoxo Leslie Machado

Thursday, November 5, 2009

H1N1 Flu, New Moon, and Cheaters: The way many girls live today!

Dear readers,
This past week I didn't post a blog because i had become infected witht he H1N1 flu or swine. So that meant i was stuck in my room for a week with nothing to do. Even if you use 10 pounds of sanitzer everyday...IT WILL NOT STOP THE SWINE! trust me i washed my hands so much they were ashy!!! What makes me so mad is that people treat you as a contagious person and don't even want to get near you which is so unacceptable!!!So now i have the chance to write my weekly blog.

This past week a girl who supposedly has had it with her man flirting with other girls while going out took her man back... In my opinion...once a cheater always a cheater...this isn't the first time it happens but the 2nd time. WHEN WILL THE INSANITY END! im just going to sit back and watch the drama unfold as usual. I will hear non stop about this subject tonight. And when he does this again i will laugh and say i told you so. I know mean right...but i need to slap mental sense into this girl. This young man caused tears, friendship tension and heartache...when will she notice that he is bad news. The reason your friends get mad is because they know he is bad news but you can't!!! they want to stop the heartache they make you deal just leave the zero and GET WITH YOUR SUPERGIRLS!

BTW IF YOU READ THIS...i know why the last break up of this summer was so hard on you....

New moon is coming out IN 16 DAYS!!!! i Know right awesome but... i want to know if this twilight craze will continue forever. Girls in crowds scream out EDWARD but im like no robert pattinson :)It just makes me laugh because the charcters are wanted NOT the actors. Have you noticed...kristen stewart has a mullet for god's sake and robert pattinson looks like he hasn't had a shower in weeks with his hair. Every girl wants to run their hair through it but im like...if it stays up like that i don't want to run my fingers through it. Its probably full of oils...but its what these gals want. We all fall in love and become obbsssed with the charcters not the actors. Yes i know im one of those freaks with all twilight posters as wall paper but im not crazy enough to go to vancouver and stand outside their hotel builiding. Girls who do this...NEED HELP! We'll see how this goes.

I will try to write more often as usual because i love this blog!

Tip of the Day: If a boy causes drama, heartbreak, pain and discomfort with your best friends...then maybe he isn't worth it...

Love Leslie Machado :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Facebook: the cyber way to end friendships! :-)

Dear readers...

Yesterday i ran across something very interesting...a childhood friend deleted me from facebook yesterday and is shunning me for eternity. You would she must be said but i'm actually awed because this person who clearly says she practices "maturity" does it cyberly not face to face. It made me laugh and then i started thinking about it and said who is the bigger woman here? Me or Her?! of course im going to say me but thats not the point. Friendships should be ended face to face...when you delete someone on facebook that just shows fear and it looks really bads towards the person who deleted...Just next time think even more clearly before you press delete friend XD

Tip of the Day: When its gone on facebook its gone forever and sometimes it may just be cyber freedom :-)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

School drama, ork drama, and well life : 10-10-09

Dear well.... lets call you Pedro

Dear Pedro,
My life is over with....There is so much drama this days i don't know how people can stand it. First, well their is school drama that i really don't want to get involved in and somehow...I'm dragged into the middle of it. I like to be Switerzland. The one who dosen't have to choose sides. Not germany or america or cuba...Just Switerzland. Next well work drama. I won't talk about that. Lets just say...he really didn't ruin it for me...just for the other workers too :). Finally well life. Being a senior is hard but i hate the fact that people pressure you to grow up. For your information just because im going to college and about to graduate dosen't mean i still can't be a teenager... Teens are the ages 13-18 or maybe until 20 so just deal with it. Just because your a senior too and you have life problems dosen't mean the rest of us have to also be like you.

Advice of the Day...Don't take facebook, and twitter statuses to personal because in the end you either put out there your own life problems or may find out its not even about you


Leslie Machado