Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twilight wall, glory days, and dream matte concealer: Priceless honey! :)

Dear Readers,

I just finished constructing my twilight saga collage and i think it came out looking pretty sweet!!!! But, i don't want to let any of my friends see it cuz then they will really think im crazy with my wall. I think its not an obsession but a form of art. :) i didn't do it cuz i fucking love twilight but because i thought it would be a neat art project to do. I just need a few more pictures to make it touch down to the bottom of the wall and i will be set!!! :)

Later today i have to go to work and stay until midnight! can you believe that i mean i am use to it but the hour setting just is killer when your driving home from work. You may almost fall asleep at the whell and thats very dangerous. But yesterday the head worker there told me that the last person there has to do the least amount of work. So in other words im going to make the other host's do more work then me because i'm usually stuck doing most of the work when their working. So end of discussion!!!! :)))

And finally dream matte concealer. I bought it today and omg! its like one of the Best concealers i have used. Its nice and smooth and really does cover up those spots and it only costs about like 4-6 dollars so go out and buy them y'all.

Tip of the Day: If you feel weird doing it then maybe its just right for you! :D

xoxoxo Leslie Machado

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