Friday, November 6, 2009

Border hoppers, quince courts and NEW MOON: this is a story :)

Dear Readers,

Today I finally got the courage to stand up for myself of a racist bastard. He called my mother a border hoper and how she did dreadful things to get her papers. When he first said this...i just wanted to crawl into a hole and cry. This boy had no reason to call her this and plus, my mother did things i think he could never be able to do. I love the fact that my mom has more balls then many of the white men in my life do. Before, you call someone a border hopper make sure you know if there is an emotional attachment to this.

The quince is coming up real soon and im SO EXCITED for the party. Most of the people going are freaks and well lets just say not only will the girls be grinding. The last quince only most of the people dancing together were the kids in the court. We were all grinding on each other and not with random people. There was alcohol, drama, and kissing involved which made this party even better. But , i sometimes seem to think that i failed at this party then my most other ones. Why you say well i kinda stopped being the coordinator after the waltz.

Finally the world of New Moon. I went on today and saw all the outrageous products they were selling. First i saw a edward cullen duvet that was like 56.00 dollars. I was like omg! i have to buy that lol. but then i saw the saint braclet bella wears and i said to myself its for 10 dollars here but at a flea market its like 1.00 for like 3 or 4! anyways...i just amazes me how far people will go to get their favorite movie products. This posts will be part of my New Moon Marathon up until the day it comes out!

Tip of the Day: If the chambelan de honor makes out with one of the court girls then just maybe...they have had a little too much to drink. :-)

xoxo Leslie Machado

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