Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rehersals, Yaquelin's Party and New Moon: The almost perfect weekend...

Dear Readers,
This past weekend I had alot of exciting things happening. First on friday, I had a final rehersal for my court of honor who i have been working with for the past 3 months...anyways,i noticied they were all very tense and nervous. What triggered the most nervousness was that the birthday girl started crying because of the basketball hopes and that they were going to be in the pictures, and when the chambelan de honor walked out! DAMNNNN!

The next day was the party and most of the kids were excited/nervous but i was such a nervous reck because people were going to critique my work and sometimes i have trouble doing that anyways. They all got in a limo and everything went smoothly and perfect up until they turned off the lights... two groups of people showed up and werent' supposed to...when i learned about this...fear was installed in me. I couldn't think or breath but just remember the saftey of my court kids and my family. I just gave the word to my mom and we picked up all our stuff and dipped. Let me tell you it was scary.

Finally, the thing i had been waiting new moon which was not a dissapoint but some points i felt very akward sitting in that movie theater due to the fact that many middle aged women were sitting there also :D To conclude this summary i gave it 3 1/2 stars...i was just blah but we'll see about this and see if it changes...

Tip of the day: If your gut tells you to get the hell out then get the hell out!!!

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