Thursday, November 5, 2009

H1N1 Flu, New Moon, and Cheaters: The way many girls live today!

Dear readers,
This past week I didn't post a blog because i had become infected witht he H1N1 flu or swine. So that meant i was stuck in my room for a week with nothing to do. Even if you use 10 pounds of sanitzer everyday...IT WILL NOT STOP THE SWINE! trust me i washed my hands so much they were ashy!!! What makes me so mad is that people treat you as a contagious person and don't even want to get near you which is so unacceptable!!!So now i have the chance to write my weekly blog.

This past week a girl who supposedly has had it with her man flirting with other girls while going out took her man back... In my opinion...once a cheater always a cheater...this isn't the first time it happens but the 2nd time. WHEN WILL THE INSANITY END! im just going to sit back and watch the drama unfold as usual. I will hear non stop about this subject tonight. And when he does this again i will laugh and say i told you so. I know mean right...but i need to slap mental sense into this girl. This young man caused tears, friendship tension and heartache...when will she notice that he is bad news. The reason your friends get mad is because they know he is bad news but you can't!!! they want to stop the heartache they make you deal just leave the zero and GET WITH YOUR SUPERGIRLS!

BTW IF YOU READ THIS...i know why the last break up of this summer was so hard on you....

New moon is coming out IN 16 DAYS!!!! i Know right awesome but... i want to know if this twilight craze will continue forever. Girls in crowds scream out EDWARD but im like no robert pattinson :)It just makes me laugh because the charcters are wanted NOT the actors. Have you noticed...kristen stewart has a mullet for god's sake and robert pattinson looks like he hasn't had a shower in weeks with his hair. Every girl wants to run their hair through it but im like...if it stays up like that i don't want to run my fingers through it. Its probably full of oils...but its what these gals want. We all fall in love and become obbsssed with the charcters not the actors. Yes i know im one of those freaks with all twilight posters as wall paper but im not crazy enough to go to vancouver and stand outside their hotel builiding. Girls who do this...NEED HELP! We'll see how this goes.

I will try to write more often as usual because i love this blog!

Tip of the Day: If a boy causes drama, heartbreak, pain and discomfort with your best friends...then maybe he isn't worth it...

Love Leslie Machado :D

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